Competition 2004

The European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri participated this year as well in the Pan-Hellenic Essay Competition "Once upon an animal" which was organised by the GREEK ANIMAL WELFARE FUND in May 2004.

Πιστοποιητικό Συμμετοχής στο Διαγωνισμό 2004The AD1class and the D’ Regular English class and the students 

  1. Efi Adamopoulou  
  2. Katerina Antonopoulou 
  3. Alexandros Apostolopoulos
  4. Elpida Davari
  5. Yannis Oikonomou 
  6. Theodoros Grigoropoulos 
  7. Thanos Kannis 
  8. Christos Koulis 
  9. Panagiotis Tassiopoulos
  10. Thanassis Tokas 
    worked hard and prepared an excellent paper which received flattering reviews from the competition committee judges.

Success Rates