Educational trip to the UK 1994

For the educational year 1993-4, the European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri chose STAFFORD House as its point of residence, an international college in the evergreen and historically prosperous capital of KENT, CANTERBURY, in the southeast side of the UK, 80 minutes from London. This city today is an important educational, commercial, and business center with the best climate in the UK.


At the boarding unit of STAFFORD HOUSE - renowned for the quality of teaching, the friendly atmosphere, and the unique cuisine - a team of students from the European Center of Language Studies, stayed for 15 days, with Mrs. Merkouri as their chaperone. On weekday mornings, Monday to Friday, the students attended intensive 3,5 hour classes depending on their placement test, while in the afternoons and evenings there was a wide variety of athletic, entertainment and educational events whose excellent organization was highly appreciated. 
Furthermore, the students visited sights in many cities of the UK, some of which include London, Brighton, and Dover, thus rendering an enriched experience from the history, the values, the traditions and the social life of the land. 
In the meantime, Mrs. Merkouri observed methodology seminars at the well-known University of KENT and had important contacts with directors of study at universities, colleges, and learning centers in ΚΕΝΤ in an effort to raise the level of services offered at her language school.
The education trip to the UK had immense success and the students and their parents expressed their desire for it to be repeated every year. 

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