Seminars - Staff Training 2005

Ο κ. MALCOM MANN 	The educational and cultural activities, during the second and third quarter of the 2004-2005 educational year, were very broad at the European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri.

Apart from the ongoing participation of the staff in educational seminars in Athens and Patras, we characteristically mention the briefing and training of our teachers, on issues at F.C.E. and C.P.E. levels, from the world renowned writer, teacher trainer, and president of TESOL GREECE, Mr. MALCOLM MANN, who was invited to Pirgos by Mrs. Merkouri, for the purpose of sharing his valuable advice and offering solutions on issues related to the foreign language education. .


Furthermore, the second phase of the teacher observation and evaluation program in conjunction with the student lesson planning, which had commenced last year from an international educational organization yet continues on a monthly basis at our language school. 

With regard to the cultural activities it is worth mentioning:

  1. the beginning of the year pie cutting at our language school
  2. the successful recreational Carnival dance at VERSUS club in our city
  3. the surprise party organized by our language school for the kindergarden and preliminary classes with “guest star” the POPERINA CLOWNINA clown which excited and thrilled the kids and teachers and
  4. the traditional theatrical performances by various classes which displays the rich artistic lively material always present in our students and achieving wonders with the proper guidance and creative teaching from our teachers.

Congratulations this year to the teachers Mss. Evi Aggelopoulou, Dina Nikolakopoulou, and Maria Tzouvelakou for their contribution to the little “actors’” success who amazed everyone especially their parents, not only with their dexterity on stage but also with their progress in the foreign language.

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