Seminars - Staff Training 2012

Η κα. ΑντώναροςAs part of the continual in-service training for her staff, the director of the European Centre of Language Studies Mrs. Miranta Merkouri once again organized in-house seminars for the school year 2011-2012. 

Renowned educators and publishers’ representatives were invited to Pyrgos to train the staff on the new technologies that are essential for teaching foreign languages as well as on the difficulties that students may face.

Mrs. Marianna Velaora, educational consultant and representative of OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS presented on Tuesday, November 2, 2011 how to teach OXFORD books with the use of an interactive whiteboard, a means that has been constantly in use at the European Centre of Language Studies in recent years.

Furthermore, the internationally acclaimed teachers, teacher trainers and authors MS SUZANNE ANTONAROS (M.A. TEFL, SAN FRANSISCO STATE UNIVERSITY, USA) and MS LILIKA KOURI (M.A. ENGLISH, THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, USA) once again undertook the standard in-service training seminar of the school’s staff.

On Friday February 17 and Saturday February 18, 2012 Mrs. Miranta Merkouri and the teaching staff had a unique opportunity to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of Ms Suzanne Antonaros on the implementation and use of new technology when teaching a foreign language as well as on lesson planning with the use of new technology.

Η κα. Αντώναρος Από το σεμινάριο 17/2/2012 Από το σεμινάριο 18/2/2012
Από το σεμινάριο 18/2/2012 Από το σεμινάριο 18/2/2012 Γεύμα Εργασίας - Σεμινάριο 2012
Από το σεμινάριο 18/2/2012

The programme included:

Το πρόγραμμα του σεμιναρίου
The 10 hour seminar which was very successful and had a tremendous impact on the staff of the European Centre of Language Studies.

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