mm bigThe European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri is run by Mrs. Miranta Merkouri, who went to school at the German School in Athens and is a graduate from the Athens University of Economics (ASOEE) and the Educational Institute in Business Administration.

Following her career as an economist at ETBA bank, Mrs. Merkouri left Greece with a scholarship for Washington D.C., USA to pursue postgraduate studies at George Washington University in Management and Business Administration.

During her extensive residence in the USA she works as an economist in various large corporations; she participates in special educational seminars on business administration conducted by IBM in New York and Los Angeles where she respectively resides; she conducts special training on personal computers at the Ministry of Education’s Center for Bilingual Studies in Washington, D.C.; and participates in specialized methodology seminars and teaching programs through the "Multicultural Career Intern Program", an international educational organization based in Washington, D.C., at which she remains a member of management for three years.

In parallel, she actively participates in the promotion of the positions of the Greek diaspora in Washington, D.C. and the broader area (Virginia και Maryland) as a member of the Greek community and publisher of the first Greek-American newspaper in Washington, D.C. – “The Hellenic Star”.


In the context of her artistic interests, during her stay in the USA, Mrs. Merkouri served as an advisor for the “Theatre of Light" in Los Angeles, CA for three years, assuming further responsibilities as a financial director and for four years as a member of the Music Department of the Catholic University in Silverspring, Maryland with higher studies in Opera and Vocal Music.

Upon her return to Greece in 1987, she decides to actively engage in foreign language teaching, first at foreign language schools in Athens and consistently participating in specialized teaching methodology courses in English and German, equally in Athens (PROFILE, ETS, GOETHE INSTITUT) as well as abroad (PILGRIM'S LANGUAGE CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL-ENGLAND).

Her main goal has always been the offering of high standard quality in the foreign language education which is why she founded her own foreign language center in Pirgos, Ilias.

She speaks English, German and French.

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