The European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri is an achievement inspired by Miranta Merkouri, who after lengthy studies and a professional career, domestically and abroad, returns dynamically in 1991 to the place of her descent, Pirgos of the Ilia prefecture, to fulfill her goals: to offer her knowledge and extensive experience in the field of foreign language education.


The European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri bases its operation on three key principles:

  • Consistency
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline for its staff and studentsHis Excellency the Ambassador of Greece in Washington Mr Georgios Papoulias presents an Honorary Award to the publisher of Hellenic Star Mrs Merkouri during Greek Letters Day at Georgetown University on 31/01/1986

Each language exerts immense influence to the spiritual and general development of people. We think with words and therefore our vocabulary reflects and promotes a system of thinking.

At foreign language schools, with the learning of one or more languages, at the same time we also transmit a new method of thinking to our students; the method of thinking of other people as well as their history, their culture, and civilization, since language is the carrier of culture which aids in the better understanding and communication between people.

With foreign languages, our students become social beings, a part of history, they attach to their existence a deeper meaning, and expand their cultural consciousness by comprehending national consciousness and more.

Therefore by studying the lives of people under the light of their texts, we study the human culture in its most accurate and picturesque form.

We can imagine a multitude of links which connect people and groups which may be spread across a geographical area, however, they share common values, and have adopted the same stance towards the world and life..Mrs Merkouri in Washington with the director of the Voice of America, in 1986

This participation in the European Union is what we ensure with the teaching of foreign languages and cultures. The links we mentioned are similar or parallel values and traditions, myths and legends, common ethics, common life stances, common approaches to common visions, common values, common ideals, common aspirations as well as a sharing of cultural heritage which assist in the further convergence of the European Union.

At the European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri, we are proud because after diligent scholarly research and successful teaching, based on the latest contemporary teaching methods, appropriate for the educational public and for foreign language education, we covered our goals which are demanded by European and International obligations.

The most visible evidence is the successful career path of our students.

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