The European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri prepares its students to sit examinations of:

a) the Greek PALSO - LAAS for level: Elementary.

b) the British Council for official diplomas: First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency from the University of Cambridge in the U.K.

c) the Hellenic-American Union  for official diplomas: Certificate of Competency and Proficiency from the University of Michigan, USA.

d) the Edexcel International for the acquisition of the London Tests of English certificate for PTE general levels 2,3,4 and 5 acceptable from ASEP (Highest Council for Employee Selection).

e) the Hellenic-American Union for the acquisition of the T.O.E.I.C. certificate.

f) the Trinity College of London for ISE certificates.

g) the Greek Palso for the National Open College Network (N.O.C.N.) Certificates

h) the B.C.E.D. for the EDI ESOL International Examination (JETSET) Certificates

i) the “Goethe” German Institute for official diplomas: Zertifikat B1, B2, C1, und Kleines Sprachdiplom in German.

j) the "Fulbright" Foundation for the "TOEFL".

k) the French Institution “IFA” for the official diplomas: DELF 1&2, DALF, SORBONNE.

l) the Italian School for the original diploma: CELI.

Success Rates