Creative Activities

The European Center for Language Studies – Miranta Merkouri organizes various activities, when necessary, with the assistance of its faculty, to support initiatives and strengthen team spirit amongst the pupils that study there, so as to promote students’ spiritual and cultural development thus exposing their potential, talent, and the knowledge they have accumulated at the Center. .

Inside the premises of the “EUROPEAN CENTER for LANGUAGE STUDIES – MIRANTA MERKOURI, there is a small exhibition where student creations-constructions are exposed, with topics they either imagined themselves or materialized, under the guidance and contribution of their teachers, within the spectrum of their educational activities, to achieve their assigned goal.

The children’s idea to publish a “kids” magazine was finalized by the students of B’ class (AB2) at our Center, who combined their reporter talent, whit, fresh thoughts, and imagination to create “Shine B” magazine. It has interviews, games, comments on contemporary issues, and most of all the educational experience they accumulated by working as a team with the cooperation and full support of their teachers. This wonderful endeavor was materialized with the higher purpose and remuneration of selling the magazine to gather money for charity purposes.

Πατρίς 30/5/2004 SHINE B MAGAZINE Page 1 SHINE B MAGAZINE Page 2

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